North American Publishing Company (NAPCO) webinars are live, interactive, educational conferencing sessions for industry professionals. As an attendee, view the webinar using your home or office PC and listen to speaker presentations via streaming audio.

A standard webinar runs for 60 minutes. Each webinar features a moderator (most often a NAPCO editor) and panelists that present prepared material on a given topic. The final 15 minutes of a typical NAPCO webinar features a Q&A session. During live events, audience members are encouraged to submit written questions that are fielded by the moderator and asked verbally to the panelists.

All of our webinars are available on-demand after their live premier. We encourage you to browse through the robust webinar libraries on the publication eLearning pages by clicking on the logos below. We guarantee you’ll find a topic (or two!) addressed that can help you and your business.

If you have any questions about NAPCO eLearning, or for additional information on upcoming webinars, please contact our Director of eLearning, Alexis Henderson at (215) 238-5358 or ahenderson@napco.com.

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