Based on this successful partnership, SGIA acquired NAPCO Media in August 2019. NAPCO Media LLC was formed and now acts as an independent media arm of the organization. The acquisition allowed each organization to capitalize on their unique strengths and lay the foundation for organic growth.

In May 2020, SGIA merged with The Printing Industries of America to form the PRINTING United Alliance. The PRINTING United Alliance becomes the largest association for the graphic arts in North America dedicated to serving the community with preeminent research, education, training, events, legislative support, government affairs, health and safety, and other key industry services.

Today, NAPCO Media successfully fosters community via print and online content, events, research, video services and marketing solutions for the markets it serves. NAPCO Media’s growth and vitality reflects a commitment to our Core Values and a philosophy that values talented people who are seeking to grow with the Company and make a difference.r