Research FAQ

Q: I have a specific business problem I think can be helped with research but don’t know exactly how.  Can you help?

A: Yes.  The first step of the research process is ‘discovery’.  In the discovery phase, NAPCO Research (often accompanied by a NAPCO subject matter expert) will set up one or more calls to talk through your business problem.  We will then design a research solution that addresses your business problem and schedule a follow-up call to review.

Q: What does a typical research project cost?

A: Pricing is dependent on the scope of the project.  Contact us to arrange a call so we can understand your research needs and design a study that aligns to your budget.

Q: I have my own database that I’d like you to survey with a research project.   Is that possible?

A: Yes. We can design a research study that utilizes your audience. Contact us to set up a call to learn more.

Q: I have a specific job title I’d like to address with research.  Are you able to help?

A: Yes.  NAPCO’s audiences range the full spectrum of the job title spectrum from entry level to C-suite.

Q: How long does a typical research project take from start to finish?

A: It depends on the scope, data sources, depth of analysis etc.  A small project can take 8-10 weeks and up to 6 months or more for larger engagements.

Q: I’d like you to design a research study with both a survey and interview component.  Is that possible?

A: Yes. Our research team has extensive experience with both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Q: Once I engage with NAPCO Research on a project how can I ensure that the project is on the right track and will meet my needs?

A: We will check in with you throughout the research process to give you a chance to give us feedback (once to review the proposal, once to review the survey and one final time when we deliver the project).