The core audiences within the publishing market include book and magazine organizations. Our audience of publishing decision-makers relies on our brands to deliver need-to-know information and cutting-edge technology updates across all channels — print, video, online, eLearning, and face-to-face meetings.



Book Business provides authoritative coverage on the industry trends, emerging technologies and the news in the book publishing segment. The landscape of publishing continues to evolve at a rapid pace and staying ahead of the curve is paramount to the future of our readership. Our goal is to connect our readership with cutting-edge solutions and provide stories of success that will drive the future goals of their organization.

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FUSE Media is an elite summit designed to cut through the noise and connect the most technological minds in media. The technology powering the media business is more fragmented than ever. Endless demos and product pitches are a time suck. We designed FUSE Media, an invitation-only, hosted summit created to enable leaders from across the media and technology spectrum to connect, exchange ideas, and build relationships.



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