Challenges, Opportunities, and Insurance Buying Trends in the Nonprofit Industry

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Trends and Opportunities in the non-profit industry including how to research and invest non-profit insurance

Like for-profit businesses, nonprofits require various types of insurance to reduce exposure to risks that could result in financial loss. While every nonprofit is unique and insurance needs are specific to the type of nonprofit, there are common industry traits, trends, and challenges.

On behalf of Philadelphia Insurance Companies, NAPCO Research and NonProfit PRO (units of NAPCO Media) conducted an online survey of nonprofits to understand their top challenges, fundraising efforts, strategies for growing donor bases and improving operations, and how that plays into determining insurance requirements and providers.

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  • Tips and tricks for choosing the best insurance provider for your organization
  • How certain challenges within your organization have an effect on the type of insurance policy you will need
  • Strategies for growing donor bases and improving operations

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