White Papers & Best Practices

Build Your Brand … Drive Leads … and Position Yourself as a Thought Leader

White papers, case study profiles and other custom content is all about educational information that will benefit the reader. It is NOT a sales pitch!

Usually, the text introduces a challenge that the target audience may be facing and offers a strong case – through cited research and interviews with experts – for a particular approach to solving the problem. While the readers understand that the sponsoring company is marketing to them, this is a soft-sell approach that builds trust as it begins the lead-nurturing process.

Let NAPCO Media help you market with a powerful and persuasive white paper or case study profile that will present your firm as a leader in your field.

Fast Facts
  • Case Study Turnaround time = 2 weeks
  • White Paper Turnaround time = 6-8 weeks
  • E-Books are usually longer than white papers and include many art elements = 8-10 weeks
Bonus Opportunity
Let us help get the word out through NAPCO Media’s channels that our readers know and trust.