Print Media

The Power of Print!

Much has been written about the decline of print … but NAPCO Media knows that print is very much alive and is still a powerful tool in the marketing mix.

Advertising in print publications is usually all about branding. And branding is important. It builds trust. It lets people know that you are for real. What’s more, it’s proven: People will more likely do business with companies they know and are familiar with.

NAPCO Media’s readers like print. Nobody spends 44 minutes with an email, but they do spend that reading a NAPCO Media magazine. In fact, according to the 2013/2014 MPA Magazine Media Factbook:

“Print magazines are the most preferred place to look at advertising, and they rank #1 in commanding consumer attention and advertising acceptance.”

We believe that all the marketing channels work, but we know they work best when they work together.

Fast Facts
Bonus distribution at major trade shows gives you maximum exposure. Take advantage of frequency discounts.
Bonus Opportunity
Consider a custom cover or cover tip that is personalized to your targeted prospects!