Pay-per-lead programs deliver
cost-effective qualified leads

If you are looking for a very particular prospect, then pay-per-performance may be the way to go.

Here’s how it works: You tell us the specific parameters of your ideal prospect … how many leads you want to receive and over what timeframe. You also send us samples of the content that we will be offering to acquire those leads. If NAPCO Media’s marketing team feels that your criteria and your content fit into our wheelhouse, then we will quote you a price per lead.

NAPCO Media creates the marketing plan to deliver the leads you want in the timeframe requested. Here’s the best part: You only pay for those qualified leads delivered to you based on the criteria previously set.

Fast Facts
  • The more filters – or criteria – the higher the price per lead.
  • A minimum of three pieces of content is usually required to fulfill a program.
Bonus Opportunity
If you need help creating quality content we’re here to help.  Learn more.