How Book Publishers Use Digital Print to Sell Books More Profitably

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Research conducted by NAPCO Research and commissioned by the PRINTING United Alliance evaluates the value of digital printing for book publishers, including current use of digital printing, challenges faced in adoption, future interest, and level of understanding.

In this insightful resource, NAPCO Research and the PRINTING United Alliance take a deep dive into the value of digital printing for book publishers, how to overcome challenges faced in adoption, future interests and the level of understanding of digital printing capabilities.

Publishers can utilize this resource to uncover how to implement digital printing to solve key challenges, including reducing lifecycle costs of warehousing and returns and printing short run titles that offset couldn’t print economically. You’ll learn:

  • All of the advantages of digital printing, including faster time-to-market, customization, reduced waste and lower fixed costs.
  • How significant technology advancements are removing previous limitations on quality, speed, flexibility and affordability.
  • The key challenges book publishers face implementing digital print and how you can overcome them.
  • And more!

Explore the findings to learn how to maximize your usage of digital print.