NAPCO Research offers many research and consulting services based on ongoing original survey research and market data collection. We access our highly engaged NAPCO Media audiences to participate in online surveys, telephone interviews, and panels. By leveraging our research efforts, subject matter expertise, and audience platforms, we are able to offer customers the following solutions.

  • Content Thought-Leadership and Lead Generation Programs

    NAPCO Research can develop and create thought leadership content based on either existing or custom survey research that is aligned with key market trends. This is a turnkey program, and content can be delivered as a white paper, video, webinar, or in-person. Content can be distributed and promoted through NAPCO Media’s channels.

  • Strategic Consulting Engagements

    NAPCO analysts work with clients to develop custom research approaches to identify market trends, validate opportunities, and solve business challenges.

    NAPCO Research can design a custom research study that draws insights from our highly engaged audiences to provide customers clarity on trends and industry benchmarks to make informed decisions

  • Market and Technology Competitive Analysis

    NAPCO Media editors are experts in their fields, covering their respective beats day in and day out. Combining editors’ expertise with skilled researchers yields a strong knowledge base to create technology comparisons and market/company competitive analysis.

  • Brand Awareness Studies

    Access our highly engaged audiences to find out what your customers and prospects think about your brand. Gauging market awareness of your brand and what your customers think is essential to creating a successful marketing or branding strategy.

  • Educational Webinars

    Our large repository of research on market trends, business opportunities, competitive analysis, and more can be used to educate various audiences, including customers, internal staff, and distributors. Our analysts work in conjunction with our in-house eLearning team to develop and produce presentations that support sponsored Webinar events or internal education needs.

  • Sales Training Programs

    Looking to train your internal sales staff? Our sales training content is based on solid market research and in-depth industry knowledge. Training can be delivered via multiple channels—in person, Webinar, or podcast.

  • Industry Presentations

    NAPCO Research analysts are sought-after event speakers and can deliver presentations focused on key market trends, tips, and strategies for success.